Temple of the Times

The brainchild of Tony Roberts and Bikos.


Time waits for no one.

The duo followed other avenues in the music business, and as a result their collaboration slowly drifted apart. Tony continued working within the electronic music Temple of the Times is the brainchild of Tony Roberts and Bikos.

scene and enjoyed a stint in several Sacramento industrial bands like Eighth Man, who received an excellent review in Industrial Nation issue number #12, and as a live member of 21st circuitry recording artist Luxt, as seen in Industrial Nation issue number #15 in the Sacramento, CA scene report. Tony became well known as the man to call for technical advice, information, and support. He was well grounded in the Sacramento industrial scene and known as an old school electronic musician who would lend a hand to the up and coming acts in the area.

Bikos finished his Bachelors Degree in Music Education and Composition. During this time he ventured into an eclectic array of musical experiences. He played drums and percussion in the college stage/jazz band, in the Plain Jane Jazz Quartet, in the pop/rock group IN2FOCUS, in the alternative group The Furies, and in an alternative power trio Thorough Fair. Bikos followed the path laid before him and began teaching music in Northern California. During the interim, he composed music, built his own private recording studio, and started Beat Mon Productions.

Keeping the vision alive for almost a decade, Tony solicited the work that he and Bikos recorded on several labels. Blacklight Records placed one of the tracks, Out Of The Darkness, on the Collapsing Structure compilation. This received great reviews. A sophomore release, Bloodstained, was released on the next Blacklight Compilation, Terra Firma Vs. The Atmosphere. A successful sophomore appearance was complete. The duo was back. After a long hiatus, the project is gaining momentum. Along with longtime friend Bikos, Tony’s vision of his own Darkwave/Electro group continues. Temple of the Times creates a perfect blend of Industrial Dance/Synth-Pop/Electro. Temple of the Times creates a splendid array of pulsating analog synths, four on the floor dance beats with distorted vocals, and a lush vibe washed with a dark ominous sound. They have worked with many artists like Imperative Reaction, Luxt, Pulse Legion, and many others. Find reviews, ads, and hear/request singles of Temple Of The Times from most Industrial/Goth magazines and radio programs.

Industrial/Ambient brainchild of Tony Roberts and Bikos from Sacramento, CA. Hard Electronic-Industrial gothic. Strong electronic beats pulse while samples and vocal tracks play alongside. Christian themes. The album includes six unique tracks, and four remixes of Requiem For The Lost Children